lawn maintenance stamford ct

1) Clean out debris: Fallen leaves and weeds are the perfect place for pests to settle in for the winter. Clear out flower beds to keep the critters at bay.

2) Trim Rogue Branches: Trim up any large or out-of-place tree branches that may cause trouble during the winter. You don't want any branches breaking and falling during the snowfall to come.

3) Aerate your soil and lawns: Break up soil to keep water from pooling and guarantee that nutrients will reach the roots over the winter.

4) Reseed your Lawn: Send your yard into winter with the nutrients it needs to survive the long, cold sleep. Add a fall lawn fertilizer to encourage root growth and enjoy a lush, green lawn come spring.

5) Leaf Removal: Don't let fallen leaves get the best of you; if left unattended they can suffocate the grass. Don't break your back or spend your weekends raking, schedule your clean up today.