Improve Your Patchy Lawn

We provide lawn aerating services & reseeding services for healthy grass growth in Port Chester, NY, Greenwich & Stamford, CT

Have you noticed thin, dry grass in your yard? Compacted soil might be to blame. Luckily, it's an easy problem to solve. You can turn to Umanzor Landscaping Inc. for lawn aerating services in Port Chester, NY, Greenwich & Stamford, CT.
You can tell you have compacted soil when:

  • Water pools on top of the ground instead of soaking in
  • Your grass and other plants don't grow as quickly as they should
  • Your soil is too hard for shovels and trowels to break

When the soil is compacted, it's clumped so tightly that your plants, like grass, can't grow roots through it properly. They also can't receive enough air or water. Schedule our lawn aerating services right away to let the air and water in again.

Learn about our reseeding services

Learn about our reseeding services

Once your lawn has thinned out, whether from soil compaction or another cause, you most likely need to sow new seeds to restore it. You can work with us to plant seeds for new, healthy grass with our reseeding services. This is also a great technique for improving turf density, establishing improved grass varieties and enhancing your lawn's color.

Contact us today for a free estimate on reseeding services in the Port Chester, NY, Greenwich & Stamford, CT area.